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In the highlands of Colombia, the accessible gold contained in a single mountain has sustained a town for four hundred years, since the region was colonized. The town’s local economy and sense of community has been relatively stable, even during the country’s long civil war, allowing the population to maintain decent and honorable livings. Nearby, the Páramo de Santurbán, an ecologically vital land area lies in nearly pristine condition, evidently preserved and revered by the region’s population. This fragile equilibrium between human economic needs, harvestable natural resources, and environmental protection has recently been disrupted, likely forever. Mine owners have sold their lands and mining rights to large-scale, foreign mining companies, while activists have turned the Páramo de Santurbán into the country’s national environmental cause célèbre.

Otra Cosa No Hay/ There is Nothing Else transports its audiences to this region of Colombia, immersing them in the beauty of the region and its people. It is provocative and complex, leaving viewers with a rich understanding of the hopes, the fears and the conflicts that have arisen here since the arrival of foreign gold mining interests.


En las montañas de Colombia un pueblo se ha mantenido durante cuatrocientos años, desde que la región fue colonizada, gracias al oro. Allí, la economía local y el sentido de comunidad han sido relativamente estables, incluso durante la larga guerra civil. La gente ha llevado una vida decente y honorable. Muy cerca de ahí queda el Páramo de Santurbán, un ecosistema en estado casi prístino, y considerado estratégico, que es conservado y venerado por la población de la región.

Pero el frágil equilibrio entre las necesidades económicas humanas, la cosecha de los recursos naturales y la protección del medio ambiente, recientemente, y quizá para siempre, ha sido alterado. Por un lado, los propietarios de minas han vendido sus tierras y derechos a empresas extranjeras de minería a gran escala; por otro, activistas han convertido el Páramo de Santurbán en una célebre causa ambiental del país.

“Otra Cosa No Hay” transporta a la audiencia a esa región de Colombia sumergiéndolos en la exuberante belleza natural y dando a conocer la gente que allí habita. Provocadora y compleja, deja a los espectadores con un rico conocimiento de las esperanzas, los miedos y los conflictos que han tenido lugar desde que llegaron las multinacionales extranjeras mineras.


About Our Team

Christiana Ochoa Christiana Ochoa is the Executive Producer and Director of Otra Cosa No Hay/There is Nothing Else. She is also a Professor at the Maurer School of Law in Bloomington, Indiana where she writes and teaches on issues that lie at the intersections of economic activity and human well-being, including in the areas of business & human rights and law & development. Her publications can be found here.



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Enlalucha Films is a Colombian production company that aims at giving voice to those who are excluded from traditional media. The company’s mission is to place the power of media in the service of people most need to be seen and heard. Other projects by Enlalucha Films can be found here.



Juan Mejia BoteroJuan Mejía Botero is a film director with significant experience in feature length and short documentaries. He is a founding partner of Enlalucha Films and the Social Documentary Director for Human Picture Films. His work has focused on community, grassroots media and collaborative, activist documentaries. He has received numerous honors, including from the Tribeca Film Institute’s Media Arts Fund. He edited and acted as first cameraman for Otra Cosa No Hay/There is Nothing Else.


Sebastian MejiaSebastián Mejía is the General Producer of Enlalucha Films, and has played key roles in many of the company’s productions. He has a degree in Plastic Arts, and has worked in the audiovisual field since 2006, as a researcher, producer, director of photography and editor. In Otra Cosa No Hay/There is Nothing Else, Sebastián was in charge of general production, and participated in field production and in the creative work, as second cameraman.




Ricardo Angulo Rodriguez is a freelance photographer and sound producer working in Bogota, Colombia. In addition, he is a co-owner of Estudio Casa 40, a cutting edge visual design company.



Alice TabardAlice Tabard is the Executive Producer of Enlalucha Films. She joined the team after 2 years of working for Human Rights Defenders in Colombia, and has participated in Enlalucha Films’ projects since July 2012 in various capacities, including as a field producer and edition assistant. She is also in charge of the promotion of Enlalucha´s productions. Alice was a field producer and sound engineer for Otra Cosa No Hay/There is Nothing Else. She is also charged with promotion of the documentary in Colombia.



Carlos Cordero is a film and television editor and producer, working in Bogota, Colombia. He assisted in the editing of Otra Cosa No Hay/There is Nothing Else. For more of his work can be seen here.

Juan Camilo Fonnegra is a graphic artist and animator working in Bogota, Colombia where he designed the graphics package for Otra Cosa No Hay/There is Nothing Else. Samples of his prior work can be found here.